Monday, November 23, 2009

Some Daddy Doll Pics

It's finally starting to feel a bit like Fall around here, and our tree out front is turning a lovely shade of dark red. I love the time of year when the leaves change. Most other places have already had this change, but here in southern GA we are starting to really see it and feel it. A while back, my bff Christi, sent me the most adorable photo album for adventures with the Daddy Doll. It came about because we had discussed how are kids could take these dolls with them anywhere they wanted to act like Dad was a part of things. My kids do some crazy things with theirs. Every night my daughter asks hers if it would like to snuggle her. Last night she made me laugh so hard when she had a staring contest with it. She was giggling like crazy at the idea! My son is forever wrestling his and doing flying elbows on it. Oh how different they are.

Yesterday we took 'Daddy' out to see the pretty leaves on the tree. Here are the results and the first pics for our 'Adventures with Daddy Doll' book.
As you can tell, my son was having a hard time containing his laughter.


  1. My Bella has a Daddy Doll too. On the back there's a pocket which holds a voice recorder for his message. She loves that thing!!

    Where are you guys stationed???

  2. Tooo cute! Love the idea of the daddy doll! I'm relieved fall is finally in GA too....I really miss the wonderful fall show I used to get growing up in NY. {SMILES}

  3. Awesome! I love the staring contest!

  4. Great Picts Cassie! Connor fights with his "mini-dad" all the time, and the other day, Oscar got ahold of him! It was so funny! I love the staring contest! Priceless!

  5. What a fantastic idea! Your kids look adorable posing with their Daddy Doll. Fall has been in Maryland for quite some time now. Lots of rain too and I'm thankful that it hasn't been snow! :-)

  6. Awh, that is adorable! I hope you and yer family are havin' a great Thanksgiving Cassie! I send my warmest regards.


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