Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

He's the guy who can make me smile in almost all situations.  He gets my humor, and after almost 13 years he still makes my heart flutter and gives me butterflies.  I could look for a million years and never find someone who loves me the way he does.  He lets me get away with almost anything, and he loves me so much more than I deserve on most days.  I truly do thank God for this man every day.
 My hottie in his Stetson.
 Here he had gotten back from deployment #2, so we went to Monterey.  I had him stand in front of the Crabby Jim's sign. . .because my Jim is truly never crabby.  He couldn't even make a crabby face.  The second take was a bit better of an attempt at 'crabby', haha.
We used to say that we may not be perfect for each other, but we aren't good enough for anyone else, lol.  But that's not true, because we really are perfect for each other.
Jim, I love you.  


  1. This is sooo sweet (sniff) Jim is a blessed man to have such a wonderful loving wife, and thing is, I know he knows it! Happy Valentine's day Jim & Cassie! That picture of Jim in his stetson makes me giggle because I picture Jason wearing a stetson since we were in CAV for a while. LOL..
    Love you guys & miss you lots!

  2. This is so sweet.. Awww... made me all teary eyed. I am so happy that you are blessed with a man that loves you unconditionally.. Great pictures..

  3. AWW Cassie what a super sweet post girl!!!! Great photos :) Happy Valentine's Day girly!!!

  4. God is so good to give you such a great man, Cassie! Jim is indeed anything but crabby!! You geeks...I mean...guys are great for each other ;-)


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