Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January's Documented Life Project 2015

Hey there crafty friends!  I told you earlier this year that I was going to attempt to share my art journaling a bit more.  Even though my pages are not the best by my own standards, I'm going to share my Documented Life Project 2015 pages today.  I'm sharing them in a lump sum here, because this book doesn't make it upstairs much. . .like at all, and my camera doesn't make it downstairs much either.  I've got weeks 2 through 5 and a bonus here today, hehe.

January's theme was the blank page and how to face it, and week 2 focussed on Gesso.  I always gesso my pages to start, because I've found I don't like the results if I don't.  Everyone has a preference.  I put down some old music paper, stamped some black rings using a toilet paper holder, used some texture paste, then proceeded to paint using water and drips.  In the end I gessoed a spot for my saying.  I'm not ultra impressed with this page.

Week 3 was a color wheel challenge.  I grabbed all of my paint, and just started painting without cleaning my brush.  I do really like the results here.

Week 4 was writing and 'words with friends'.  I crumpled up some thesaurus pages and pasted them down with Gel Medium.  After it dried, I gessoed the whole page, and then started coloring with Gelatos and a bit of paint.  I'm starting to like the results the more I journal.

Week 5 was under paper and 'what lies beneath'.  Most of my under paper is deli paper, and I have to say that while it's great for making elements of a page, I DON'T like it for a base under my work.  I've down faces before, mostly just as practice, but this is my first time putting it out there for all the world to see.  I'm not a fan of this face, and it may have something to do with the deli paper being the base underneath.  I did gesso over all of the deli paper and that helped, but not enough.  You can tell she has a very shiny face.  I do like the color combos that resulted in the end.

Here is one of my practice faces.  I drew her with a Stabilo pencil, colored over her with some subpar craypas and then used a black pen to give her some detail.  I'm actually liking how she turned out :)

There you have it.  Even though these are not what I call great, they are mine.  I'll be anxious to see how I progress through the year.  If you're not a part of Documented Life Project 2015, you should really consider it.  It's free, and it has really stretched my creative muscles. . .which is the goal anyway ;)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to for the Taylored Expressions Release and a fun project I have to share!


  1. Just gorgeous!!!! i love all the colors

  2. You are quite an artist, Cassie....your two faces turned out beautifully and you have such an eye for color and details!!!! Awesome projects!!!!


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