Monday, November 9, 2009

Deployment Mug

Every time my husband deploys we make him a coffee travel mug. It has become tradition as this is now his third 'Deployment Mug'. We will be sending it in the package tomorrow, and it is part of his Christmas present but he knows he's getting it. He always gets very excited about them. This time I decided to do a little something different. Usually, I make them somewhat sentimental. The first one was just of the kids, and the second one was of him and the kids. He asked if this one could have all 4 of us on there, and after seeing what Christi did with the Storytime dp, I just couldn't resist making this. (btw, she sent me that adorable sketch book!)


  1. I think that's a really cool idea! Prayers to you and your family during this difficult time. We've been through 3 very long deployments ourselves!!

  2. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I love it! How clever is that! Jim is going to
    L O V E it! Great Job!!!

  3. Your husband is gonna love it!
    I can only imagine how hard it must be for your family, I have lots of respect for that.
    Take care, Anja

  4. What a wonderful gift for you DH,'s sooo fun and sure to bring a him smile!!! This is such a great way to give your kiddos some positive memories while Dad is deployed!!! Sending hugs and prayers....

  5. Whoa this is unbelievably creative. I'm sure your husband is going to love it and I'm sure it will bring a smile to his face -- how could you not giggle when you see this? My prayers are with you during his deployment.

  6. Oh, that is REALLY cool! What a sentimental token he has every time he takes a sip, that is precious!

  7. This is such a darling it! My hubby is now retired but it would have been a great gift for him when he was in the Navy, even though he would have been drinking Diet Pepsi out of his coffee mug!

    Thank you to your husband for his service and to all of you for your sacrifice. It's been a long time since either parent in our family deployed (yep, I was active duty also and spent some time on the USNS Comfort during Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1991) but it's not hard to remember what it's like to say goodbye to a parent/spouse. Prayers with you and your family and special prayers of safety for your hubby.

    I found your blog via the link from "Blog of the Day" on the LateNightStampers yahoo list. Jan


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