Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Documented Life Project Weeks 10-12

Hey Crafty friends!  I hope y'all are having a wonderful Wednesday!  Productive day for me. . .coffee with a friend, homeschool (naturally), grocery shopping, and now posting.  I have a couple of new projects to show you from the Documented Life Project 2015.  I've done a great job (so far) with keeping up with the challenges, so I'm going to show you weeks 10-12.

Week 10s challenge was Doodles and Marks as a Layer Element.  I doodled some rain/snow all over the background and covered it in gel medium.  I love the look it gave when I wiped off the distress paint with a baby wipe.  That was a rough week for me, so this picture says it all, and the prompt was a perfect one.

Week 11s challenge was doodling a border, with the prompt being Madonna's song Borderline. . .once again perfect.  I ended up using some underpaper, because I just had nothing.  Once I doodled the border, I just went with the face. . .it's basically part of the background, which is how I was feeling that week.

 Once again, the following week's challenge was simply perfect for my mood.  Week 12s challenge was to use doodling as a focal point. . .hence the flower.  I found this amazing quote, which was exactly what I was needing.  'Find what you were made to do, and life will come into focus'.  After the previous 2 weeks I had had, God was pointing me in the right direction (as He always does).

I do have Week 13 done, but I'll blog that one later.  Thanks for stopping in!  I think I'll go play now ;)

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  1. These are great! It's awesome that you are keeping with this so well - I have to admit that I am absolutely terrible at sticking with weekly/daily challenges. Your layouts are FABULOUS!!! I love every single one of them. :)


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